01/03/2019 Visibly Supports Spanish

Visibly's goal is to create a world where eyecare is available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. As part of our journey to achieve that goal, we'll continue to release our vision test experience in new languages. With that in mind, we're proud to announce the release of the Spanish language for our vision test experience!

There are multiple ways users can access the Spanish version of the test:

Default Language in Browser

If the default language in the user's browser is set to Spanish, they're good to go - the experience will automatically be in Spanish.

Language Dropdown in Footer

If the user selects "Español" from the dropdown in the footer on the bottom of the page, the experience will be translated to the selected language.


Language Selection

Language Dropdown On-Site

If a proctor is setting up an exam for a user, they can select the preferred language for the user. The experience will then display in that language.


On-Site Spanish Selection


Want to suggest a new language?

Visibly is excited to make our test accessible to as many users as we can. If there's a language you're particularly interested in us integrating, please reach out to your Partner Success Associate.