02/08/2019 Ineligibility Screen Updates

We've heard feedback that users would like to know more information about why they're ineligible to take our vision test. With that in mind, we've updated our ineligibility page to better inform the user.


Our ineligibility page will now explain details to the user if:

  • They're not within the required age range
  • They're taking the test in an ineligible region
  • Their test results are outside of our prescription range
  • They've marked a condition in their Medical History that prevents them from taking the test online
  • They're missing the minimum required comprehensive eye exams
  • They've never been fitted for contacts
  • They only need a prescription in one eye

Depending on what experience the patient is going through will determine what ineligibility screens they may encounter, as some experiences pre-check for certain requirements prior to entering the exam.

If you have any ideas or recommendations for our service, please feel free to reach out to your Partner Success Associate.


  • improved: Ineligibility pages provide more information to the user.