12/11/2018 Visibly Name Change

We've changed our name from Opternative to Visibly! We hope this new change helps reflect our commitment to our partners and our users in a global context.

So, what does this mean for me?

Along with the name change, Visibly has switched our main site, along with our services from opternative.com to govisibly.com.

Don't worry, your links and endpoints are still accessible at the old opternative.com domain - but not indefinitely.

We'll need you to take the following steps to make sure that your users experience uninterrupted service.

Lite Partners

Your Lite landing/sign up page's domain has changed from www.opternative.com to app.govisibly.com. You'll need to update all instances of your partner link to the new domain.

Common places that this link is found include:

  • Your website
  • Email campaigns
  • Receipts

Pro Partners

Your API endpoints have changed from staging.opternative.com and www.opternative.com to staging.govisibly.com and app.govisibly.com, respectively. You'll need to update all requests to our endpoint to have this new domain.

You will not have to change any of your event webhooks - only requests to our service.


Interested in learning more?

You can read about why we changed our name here.