The Visibly Rx Pro API enables partners to seamlessly integrate Visibly’s vision test directly into their user experience. The API is split into two sections: the Requests made to the API and the Events sent from the API. Events sent from the API must be handled via an endpoint provided by the partner.

If you have any questions contact support via Slack/Email, or if you have API-related bug Submit a Support Ticket.


Requests sent to the Visibly Rx API are used to setup and manage the vision test experience for a user.

These requests are categorized into three parts:

  • Qualification: Determine patient eligibility
  • Sessions: Manage sessions for the patient
  • Authentication: Create a unique vision test link for the patient


Visibly will send asynchronous status updates for the patient’s exam to an endpoint generated and managed by the partner.

There are two events sent by the API - an updated and a completed event. These events can be used to track patient progress, update and store prescription information, and trigger emails. Partners must configure retrieval and management of events.

Headers are not required, but can be added upon request.