Returns information about the user’s progress to be processed by the partner. You'll need to create a webhook to receive these requests.


This request occurs when non-terminal status updates for a user's session happen inside of the service. Session Updated events are useful for keeping track of your patients, providing information back to your patients, and driving campaigns to remind patients to complete their exam.


  • started: The user has started the exam but not finished it.
  • awaiting_checkout: The user has completed the exam but has not yet completed submitting the remaining information necessary for checkout.
  • awaiting_confirmation*: The user has completed their exam and the exam is awaiting prior prescription from the patient and/or in our patient support queue.
  • awaiting_review*: The user has completed their exam and submitted the necessary information. The exam is awaiting review by our doctor team.
  • retake_requested*: Our team has requested that the patient retake the vision test due to an issue with their information or result.

*Rx Services only


  "user_key": "user1",
  "session_key": "session1",
  "type": "session_updated",
  "status": "retake_requested",
  "created_at": "2017-03-16T19:29:56Z"
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