Account Management

View, use, and market delivered prescriptions.

After the user has completed their exam, they'll need easy access to their Rx to make a lens purchase. We recommend building a separate page within the user account to help guide users to this information.

The Prescription Retrieval page acts as a hub for the user’s testing experience: here they should be able to access incomplete tests, view the statuses of their tests during the review process, and retrieve/use their prescriptions once dispensed.

This page serves a dual purpose:

  1. Provide users an easily accessible way to view and user their delivered prescriptions.
  2. Provide partners a way to create custom campaigns from the user’s prescriptions.

Since everything is in one place, use this page for revival campaigns, alerting users when their prescriptions are close to expiration and prompting them to purchase a new exam. If you’ve enabled brand choice, use this page to showcase to users their alternative options.


Ex. Prescription Retrieval Page