Lite Site Overview

Visibly's Lite Site Integration is the quickest and easiest way to add vision test services into your platform.

What is a Lite Site?

The Lite Site is a Partner-branded landing page hosted by Visibly. This page is a static link and can be added to content such as:

  • Banner Ads
  • Emails
  • Social Media Posts
  • Website Call-To-Actions (CTAs)


For help with marketing the Lite Site, please Contact Visibly's Marketing Team.

Partners are provided with two Lite Site Links:

  1. A Lite Site Landing Page that provides an overview of the service. The landing page can be configured in two ways: Option 1 or Option 2
  2. A Qualifications Page that checks the User's eligibility and signs them up for the test

How Does it Work?

Partner Users will authenticate and take the vision test through the Lite Site. Upon completion, the User will receive an email from Visibly containing their test results, including their prescription if one is dispensed.

The Partner can configure their service to receive test result data through an email address or a webhook (as outlined in Session Completed). Additionally, members of their team can have access to a Support Portal to view all tests taken through the Partner's integration.

Getting Started

Lite Sites require the following to be configured:

  • A PNG of your logo, as outlined in Branding Services
  • Names and email addresses of Partner employees who need access to the Support Portal
  • An email address and/or webhook endpoint to which all test results are sent
  • (Optional) A static URL to which the users will be redirected upon exiting/completing the test
  • (Optional) Primary and secondary colors

Once the above values are provided, the Lite Site can be configured and the links provided in 1-2 business days.