UX Overview

Visibly’s online vision test experience is a new way to bring consumers into your site who may not have been able to make a purchase otherwise. Considering the unique nature of the product itself, there are steps that you can take to help inform, excite, and streamline the user’s experience.

The main flows we recommend you provide to the user are:

  1. User Education/Marketing: Help users find and learn about the test
  2. Information Gathering: Check if the user qualifies, and set up their account
  3. Account Management/Repurchasing: Help users access and use their dispensed prescriptions

The following documentation dives into setting up these flows, as well as provides some examples to to help get you started. Once you're set up, take a look at the Product Pages/Checkout section of the guide to better integrate the test into your purchasing experience.

If you'd like some flair to add to your pages, feel free to use our image library.