Product Pages/Checkout

Integrate EzRx into your customer's purchasing flow.

Once your site is set up for the EzRx experience, we recommend you provide additional ways to purchase the test into already created pages within your user flow.

Since these pages most likely exist already on your site, content added is highlighted in yellow.

Product Pages

When consumers are shopping for their glasses and contacts, it's common for them to realize that the don't have a valid prescription. To prevent them from abandoning their materials purchases, we recommend you:

  1. Highlight the vision test as a standalone product that they can purchase and place in their shopping carts along with their eyewear.
  2. Bundle your vision test with materials purchases by offering it for free or at a discount, further encouraging users to try the vision test and remove barriers to purchase.

Ex. Product Category Page

Additionally, adding an option to purchase a vision test on individual product pages helps keep users in your purchasing flow.


Ex. Individual Product Page


Bundling the Vision Test

The vision test should always be accessible as a separate product. Requiring bundling may cause dropoff of test usage, and by having the prescription hosted on your site, you can use targeted revival and marketing campaigns to capture the user’s future purchasing.


A common reason for shopping cart abandonment is consumers realizing that they're missing a valid prescription. To ensure that more users complete their purchase, provide a way to add a vision test to the cart in the checkout process.


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