Brand Choice

Enable users to change contacts brands.


Brand Choice enables users to receive prescriptions for other eligible brands other than their current model. This is useful when:

  1. The user's current model of contacts is discontinued/unavailable.
  2. There's a similar model that is more attractive to the user (price, frequency of wear, improved technology, etc.).
  3. The user is looking to switch to a private label.
  4. The partner has a preferred brand they'd like to direct the user to.

When brand choice is enabled, their reviewing doctor will have the opportunity to review and dispense a prescription for not only the user's current lens but also for any eligible lens the partner has enabled to switch to.


A user with toric (astigmatic) lenses can only switch to another toric lens of the same CYL and AXIS.

Eligibility Requirements

Visibly, in conjunction with Optimized Eye Care, has established guidelines for ensuring patients are only dispensed brands that are appropriate for them.

These guidelines consider:

  • Material (i.e. silicone hydrogel polymer)
  • Water content %
  • Oxygen permeability %
  • Fit (i.e. base curve and diameter)
  • Modality (i.e. monthly, weekly, daily)
  • Vision type (single vs. multi-focal)
  • Rx type (spherical vs. astigmatic)

Further eligibility is determined by the patient’s specific Rx values to ensure they’re seeing clearly and comfortably in the new brand.

Enabling Brand Choice

To enable Brand Choice on your platform,

  • You'll need to provide us a list of brands you'd like us to enable, as well as what brands you'd like us to switch from. If you'd like to make a brand switch available from all eligible models, let us know.
  • You'll need to be prepared to receive multiple contacts lens prescriptions from us when an Rx is dispensed. Depending on what implementation you have will change how you handle this data.

Lite Brand Choice

For a Lite partner, be prepared for the recipient of the prescription email to receive more than one prescription as an attachment. All eligible brand choices will be attached to the prescription email. This email in question is either sent to the user directly or to whatever email that was set up previously by the partner.

Pro Brand Choice

For a Pro partner, prepare your Events API to receive multiple Rx's in the dispensed_prescriptions array of the Session Completed event. A brand_renewal property in each dispensed prescription is included to distinguish which is the original prescription.