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This site contains technical documentation of the Visibly APIs, guides, sample code, email templates, and more.

Visibly is an online telemedicine service that enables users to receive prescriptions for contacts and glasses online. In addition to our Direct to Consumer option, Visibly enables partners such as online retailers or in-person stores to sell our service as a white labeled vision test experience.

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Usage Types

There are several ways Visibly's Rx solutions can be implemented on a partner platform:

  • Vision Screener: A lightweight screener that provides instant acuity results. The acuity screener is not a full vision test.
  • On-Site: An in-store solution with included proctor portal.
  • Lite: A branded solution hosted on Visibly's platform.
  • Pro: A fully integrated and white labeled vision test experience. Requires developer time on API, UX Integration, and Email Campaigns.

Depending on which solution you've selected will impact the amount of development work necessary.

Required Setup By Type

Visibly Rx TypeImage AssetsUX IntegrationAPIEmail Campaigns
Vision Screener

If you're setting up a Lite implementation, we recommend that you look at the User Education/Marketing section of UX Integration.

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